Sickness Absence Management Support

We believe in prescribing a proactive response when it comes managing employee sickness absence.

It’s an issue that can be challenging, time-consuming and costly – and has been especially difficult during the pandemic.

The proactive approach we take at IMM can eliminate many of these issues, while ensuring our clients fully comply with all relevant legislation, medical ethics obligations and employee rights. It can also, critically, help to improve staff retention levels.    

It’s a remedy delivered by our experienced occupational health nurse team, supported by our occupational health physicians and led by our medical director.

Put simply, our team engages with your employees to offer them the support they need throughout their period of poor health, and to facilitate their swift return to productive work after extended periods of absence via rehabilitation programmes.

More than that, our healthcare professionals are always on hand to advise employees on ways to improve their general health.

It’s our model for helping your employees – and your business performance.

Menopause in the Workplace

With around 13million women in the UK currently peri- or post-menopausal, it’s vital for employers to have a workplace menopause support strategy in place.

Research shows that 81% of working women have experienced a negative impact on their working habits due to menopause. Therefore, employers need to look after workers and foster a workplace environment where women feel comfortable to ask for help when they need it.

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International Medical Management (IMM) and CEGA, a Charles Taylor Company, provide a unique range of end-to-end occupational health, travel health, offshore and onshore medical services to the energy sectors.

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