TOPSIDE- Remote Medical Services

TOPSIDE- Remote Medical Services
IMM’s strategic alliance with CEGA

CEGA is part of the Charles Taylor Group: a leading professional services company that has supported clients across the global insurance market since 1884. Today the Group employs over 3,000 staff and has a turnover of £169m, with 100 locations spread across 30 countries in the UK, the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The Group gives our clients access to worldwide resources and expertise within the extensive global network.

CEGA has over 40 years’ experience delivering joined up emergency medical assistance services to many leading banks, insurance companies, government departments and more recently the energy market. Our worldwide network of known providers held in a centralised platform gives immediate access to providers and suppliers along with their respective capabilities and resources to enable quick decision making by our experienced case managers and in-house medical teams. This comprehensive knowledge of over 70,000 providers has been built on more than 40 years’ experience of providing assistance globally across some of the most remote, hostile and challenging environments.

Our business model has been derived to ensure our customer experience is unrivalled within the industry. Our integrated solution with clinical and functional expertise on hand enables us to proactively manage the impact of any incident. Our senior team and parent company, Charles Taylor, are fully committed to providing a safe, efficient and ethical service.

Our primary location in Chichester houses the senior management team and functional support staff. A team of highly skilled staff handles thousands of calls each month relating to the entire spectrum of medical conditions through our dedicated response centre. Our senior management team are integrated into the day to day complexities of our service provision. This has been advantageous to our business as it ensures that the operational requirements of our clients are at the forefront of our strategic planning.

CEGA is called upon to handle more than 27,000 medical assistance emergencies every year; our experienced team of clinical staff are on hand 24/7.

These include:
• Senior medical experts, including GPs, dentists, occupational health and remote healthcare specialists
• Over 20 full time nurses – all NHS trained
• More than 60 dedicated international assistance co-ordinators, trained in handling overseas emergencies
• Multilingual operators, covering more than 30 languages
• An in-house dedicated travel department with preferential access to airlines and hotel groups
• Access to a worldwide network of international providers and medical experts
• Dedicated lines and fully branded service

Thanks to our integrated teams of in-house specialists, CEGA is able to offer patient care that is unsurpassed – delivering appropriate, cost-effective and complete medical assistance and claims management solutions to our customers and corporate partners, all over the world.

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