Travel Health

Travel Health
Corporate Travellers

As a MASTA specialist travel clinic we can provide all of the travel vaccinations recommended for business travel. We also stock a full range of antimalarials such as Malarone and Doxycycline, travellers’ diarrhoea packs, sterile first aid equipment and a full range of Life Systems bite avoidance products.

Our MASTA Specialist Travel Health Nurses are trained to provide travel health advice that extends well beyond travel vaccines. Their advice is tailored to suit the individual and they can advise on all health issues, hazards and stressors that your employee may face when travelling. Using MASTA software they can access up to the minute health advice globally and constantly changing hazards such as ZIKADENGUE and CHIKUNGUNYA viruses. We are also a Health Protection Scotland accredited Yellow Fever Centre.

Leisure Travellers

Specific diseases can be protected against by the administration of travel vaccinations. Along with MASTA we will do all that we can to ensure you have a healthy and safe holiday by recommending the vaccines you should consider. Vaccines are very important but there are also a number of other diseases to consider which are not preventable by receiving vaccines or taking medication. During your travel assessment the travel nurse will detail these and explain how you can take steps to minimise the risks of these diseases. We have a wide range of products available in our clinic. If you are a family travelling together or relocating overseas we are able to offer appointments so that everyone can be seen at the same time.

Expedition/Voluntary Work Overseas

IMM Travel Nurses are trained in undertaking complex travel assessments for travellers who may have special requirements. For example, travelling to globally remote and inhospitable regions, working in healthcare, working or climbing at altitude, river expeditions or prolonged sea voyages. We will tailor the advice to your exact itinerary taking into account of your medical needs.


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