Our Share Holders

Our Share Holders
IMM was established by Dr Jean François Foucher, Dr Tarek Mostafa and Captain Stuart MacBride in 2004 their wealth of experience in the energy industry and delivering health services within the offshore environment brings invaluable insight and support to our client base.
Captain Stuart MacBride

From an initial career as a sailing instructor and ship’s master under sail he opted to swallow the anchor and move onshore with the intention of earning enough money to own a yacht rather than sail it for someone else. He entered the catering industry in 1968 and the specialised market of offshore and remote site catering in 1971. Having joined a catering organisation, he then trained as a caterer and environmental health specialist. Since then he has held senior management positions throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Far East, Canada and South America. Apart from an enjoyable and instructive 2-year stint in the Middle East he has always managed to live and work out of his base at Aberdeen in Scotland. From 1981 until 1989 he was the Managing Director for UK, Netherlands, Denmark and Norway for Sodexho, the French global catering conglomerate. On 15th January 1990 he founded Trinity International Services Ltd.

A past Secretary of the Order of St John in the North East of Scotland for 15 years and a Commander of the Order he remains on the committee and involved in their charitable work.
Well known for dressing up in white tie and red tails he has been the protocol expert and Toastmaster for many major organisations internationally for more than 30 years and is a comfortable interface at events ranging from formal dinners to Royal visits. Fees from these services are donated to children’s charities.
Long term member of the local committee of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry and past Chairman of the Associate Members of the Offshore Contractors Association.
The only non-lawyer on the oil industry Standard Contracts Committee, where he served for over 10 years, he regularly complained that after a day locked in a room with a group of contract lawyers his head hurt.

A lifelong supporter of Highland Games he and his wife, Sheena, have sponsored tug-o-war in the North East of Scotland for more than 25 years and are global ambassadors for Scotland.
Recently referred to as a Serial Entrepreneur and Business Angel he has also been a guest lecturer and external assessor at the Robert Gordon University Business School.
He has no intention to write novels and leaves that to the eldest of their three sons.

Major claim to fame is that his body has been sculpted by the finest chefs in the world and that he is a living monument to the culinary art. His major failing is his sometimes quirky sense of humour.

Dr Jean François Foucher

From an early age Jean Franҫois always enjoyed looking after people. Despite having no family history in the medical profession his dedication to caring led him to study medicine at the Université Paris Descartes which is allied to the Sorbonne, the world’s second oldest academic institution.

During Medical School he was close to five men including his mentor Xavier Emmanuelli who with four friends had set up an organisation from medical students which now enjoys a worldwide reputation, Médecins Sans Frontièrs (MSF). It is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. It offers assistance to people based on need, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. Jean Franҫois was not a founder of MSF but was one of the first group to join after its formation.

In 1974 Jean François was seconded by MSF to the World Health Organisation (WHO) for whom he went to Bangladesh to help in the eradication of smallpox. His work was judged to be excellent and the last case of smallpox was recorded shortly after 17th November 1975.

In 1976 MSF offered him the opportunity to join the French owned offshore contractor ETPM. At that time it was MSF who put staff forward for tasks in the construction and fledgling oil industry.

His work covered all aspects of health and safety. ETPM changed to the GTM group which included Entrepose. This company was eventually sold to Stolt Neilsen who subsequently changed the name to Acergy and thereafter merged with Subsea7.

Dr Foucher now consults within the oil industry where his wealth of experience in health, safety and medicine is highly prized. He set standards incorporating both clinical and legal criteria which became the basis for Occupational Health in the oil industry that we know today. He established the first medical evacuation procedures and is one of the most widely recognised experts in the field of health and safety in the oil and gas industry.

The French government recognised Dr Jean-François Foucher for his humanitarian works with admission as a Chevalier of the Légion d’honneur.

Dr Tarek K Y Mostafa – M.B.B.Ch

A GP with a specialist interest in ophthalmology, Dr Mostafa’s career has covered a wide range of specialties, in many regions of the world, he is well travelled and has a wealth of knowledge of the emerging countries and their complexities. Between 1978 and 1985 he worked as a medical practitioner in Egypt and Nigeria before progressing to his first role on-board a vessel with Saudi company Fayez Shipping. In 1986 Dr Mostafa joined the French group GTM.Entrepose where he remained until 1988 covering their operational medical support for Egypt.

The following two years took Dr Mostafa to Saudi Arabia where he undertook a post as a Senior Resident in Obstetrician and Gynaecology. In 1990 Dr Mostafa returned to GTM.Entrepose-etpm as a medical advisor/site doctor covering their fleet of vessels in the North Sea, West Africa, Middle East and the Gulf. Over the years through various acquisitions GTM.Entrepose-etpm, became Stolt Offshore and later Acergy.
Since leaving Acergy in 2005, Dr Mostafa has been with IMM as one of our Medical Directors, he primarily based in Egypt and supports all elements of the medical provision of services provided by IMM.

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