American Association Of Drilling Engineers
  • AAPG
    American Association Of Petroleum Geologists
  • AAQS
    Ambient Air Quality Standards
  • AAR
    After Action Reviews
  • ABAN
  • ABS
    American Bureau Of Shipping
  • ACP
    Annular Casing Pressure
  • ACP
    Area Contingency Plan
  • ACRS
    Accelerated Cost Recovery System
    Automated Data Inquiry For Oil Spills
  • ADIT
    Accumulated Deferred Income Taxes
  • ADT
    Applied Drilling Technology
  • AFE
    Authorization For Expenditure
  • AFP
    Active Fire Protection
  • AFV
    Annular Flow Valve
  • AIChE
    American Institute Of Chemical Engineers
  • AIME
    American Institute Of Mining, Metallurgical, And Petroleum Engineers
  • AIS
    Automatic Identification System
  • AIV
    Alternate Isolation Valve
  • AL
    Appraisal Licence
  • AL
    Artificial Lift
    As Low As Reasonably Practicable
  • AMNI
    Associate Member Of The Nautical Institute
  • AMS
    Auxiliary Measurement Service Log
  • AMSL
    Above Mean Sea Level
  • AMV
    Annulus Master Valve
    US Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue
  • ANP
    Brazil'S National Petroleum Agency
  • ANSI
    American National Standards Institute
  • AOPL
    Association Of Oil Pipe Lines
  • APCD
    Air Pollution Control District
  • APD
    Application For Permit To Drill
  • API
    American Petroleum Institute
  • APM
    Application For Permit To Modify
  • APS
    Active Pipe Support
  • ARCS
    Admiralty Raster Chart Service
    Analysis Of Reservoir
  • ART
    Alternate Response Technologies
  • ASBA
    Association Of Ship Brokers And Agents
  • ASCE
    American Society Of Chemical Engineers
  • ASME
    American Society Of Mechanical Engineers
  • ASRO
    Australian Shipping Registration Office
  • ASTM
    American Society For Testing And Materials
  • ASV
    Annular Safety Valve
  • ATD
    Application To Drill
  • ATM
    Atmosphere, A Unit Of Pressure
  • AUV
    Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
  • BA
    Brazos Area Gulf Of Mexico Leasing Area
  • BAST
    Best Available And Safest Technology
  • Bbbl
    Billion Barrels
  • Bbl
    Barrel(S) Of Oil
  • BBSM
    Behaviour Based Safety Management
  • BCD
    Barrels Per Calendar Day
  • Bcf
    Billion Cubic Feet (Of Natural Gas)
  • Bcfd
    Billion Cubic Feet Per Day
  • Bcfe
    Billion Cubic Feet Of Gas Equivalent
  • BDF
    Below Derrick Floor
  • BFOE
    Brent, Forties, Oseberg, And Ekofisk (Oil Fields)
  • BFPD
    Barrels Of Fluid Per Day
  • BGS
    British Geological Survey
  • BHA
    Bottomhole Assembly
  • BHC
    Bhc Gamma Ray Log
  • BHCA
    Bhc Acoustic Log
  • BHL
    Borehole Log
  • BHP
    Bottom Hole Pressure
    Borehole Pressure Report
  • BHSS
    Borehole Seismic Survey
    Baltic And International Maritime Council
    Biostratigraphy Study Report
  • BLI
    Bottom Of Logging Interval
  • BLP
    Bridge Linked Platform
  • BLPD
    Barrels Of Liquid Per Day
  • BM
    Bay Marchand Area Gulf Of Mexico Leasing Area
  • BMP’s
    Best Management Practices
  • Boe
    Barrels Of Oil Equivalent
  • BOEM
    US Bureau Of Ocean Energy Management
    Barrels Of Oil Equivalent Per Day
  • BOM
    Bill Of Materials
  • BOP
    Blowout Preventer
  • BOPD
    Barrels Of Oil Per Day
  • BOPE
    Barrels Of Oil Per Day Equivalent
  • BOPE
    Blowout Preventer Equipment
  • BOPM
    Barrels Of Oil Per Month
    Basic Offshore Safety Induction And Emergency Training
    British Offshore Support Vessel Owners Association
    Bottom Hole Pressure/Temperature Report
  • Bpd
    Barrels Per Day
  • BPH
    Barrels Per Hour
  • BPI
    Baltic Panamax Index
  • BPV
    Back Pressure Valve
  • BROA
    British Rig Owners Association
  • Brown Fields Fields
    Beyond Their Production Plateau But Still Producing
  • BRS
    Bulgarian Register Of Shipping
  • BS&W
    Basic Sediment & Water
  • BSDV
    Boarding Shutdown Valve
  • BSEE
    US Bureau Of Safety And Environmental Enforcement
  • BTI
    British Trade International
  • BV
    Bureau Veritas
  • BVO
    Ball Valve Operator
  • BWOC
    By Weight Of Cement
  • BWOW
    By Weight Of Water
  • BWPD
    Barrels Of Water Per Day
  • C (cent.)
  • C&E
    Well Completion And Equipment Cost
  • C&K
    Choke And Kill
  • C&S
    Cased And Suspended
  • C/P
    Consumption/Production (Ratio)
  • C1
  • C2
  • C3
  • C4
  • C6
  • C7+
    Heavy Hydrocarbon Components
  • CA
    Core Analysis Log
  • CAA
    Clean Air Act
  • CAA
    Civil Aviation Authority
  • CAAA
    Clean Air Act Amendments
  • CAER
    Community Awareness And Emergency Response
    Canadian Association Of Oilwell Drilling Contractors
  • CAP
    Condition Assessment Program Survey
    Capital Expenditure
  • CAPP
    Canadian Association Of Petroleum Producers
  • CAS
    Casing Log
  • CBI
    Computer Based Information
  • CBI
    Confederation Of British Industry
  • CBM
    Conventional Buoy Mooring
  • CBT
    Computer Based Training
  • CCC
    Carrier Container Council
  • CCS
    Carbon Capture And Storage (Or Sequestration)
  • CCS
    China Classification Society
  • CDP
    Comprehensive Drilling Plan
  • CDR
    Chemical Data Reporting Rule
    Compensated Dual Resistivity Cal. Log
  • CDU
    Control Distribution Unit
  • CEN
    European Committee For Standardization
    European Committee For Electro Technical Standardization
  • CEPA
    Canadian Energy Pipeline Association
    US Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation And Liability Act
    Confederation Of European Union Shipmasters Associations
  • CET
    Cement Evaluation Tool
  • CF
    Completion Fluid
  • CFD
    Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • CFR
    Code Of Federal Regulations
  • CG
    Coast Guard
  • CGR
    Condensate Gas Ratio
  • CGT
    Capital Gains Tax
  • CGTL
    Compact Gas To Liquids
  • CH
    Cased Hole
  • CH
    Charlotte Harbour Gulf Of Mexico Leasing Area
    Cold Heavy Oil Production With Sand
  • CHP
    Casing Hanger Pressure
  • CIMV
    Chemical Injection Metering Valve
  • CIRM
    International Radio Maritime Committee
  • CIT
    Chartered Institute Of Transport
    Closed In Tubing Head Pressure (Tubing Head Pressure When The Well Is Shut In)
  • CIV
    Chemical Injection Valve
  • CL
    Core Log
  • CLC
    International Convention On Civil Liability For Oil Pollution Damage
  • CM
    Choke Module
  • CMP
    Coastal Management Program
  • CMP
    Common Midpoint (Geophysics)
  • CNCF
    Field Normalised Compensated Neutron Porosity
  • CNG
    Compressed Natural Gas
  • CO
    Carbon Monoxide
  • CO
    Change Out
  • CO2
    Carbon Dioxide
  • COA
    Contract Of Affreightment
  • COC
    Certificate Of Conformance
  • COD
    Chemical Oxygen Demand
  • COFR
    Certificate Of Financial Responsibility
    Compositional Analysis
    Completion Program Report
    Completion Record Log
    Condensate Analysis Report
    California Offshore Oil And Gas Energy Resources
    Core Analysis Report
  • CORE
    Core Report
    Correlation Log
    Core Orientation Report
  • COS
    Centre For Offshore Safety
  • CoSWP
    Code Of Safe Working Practices For Merchant Seamen
  • COTP
    Captain Of The Port
  • COW
    Crude Oil Washing
  • COXY
    Carbon/Oxygen Log
  • CPI
    Chemical Process Industries
  • CPI
    Consumer Price Index
  • CPS
    Cycles Per Second
  • CRP
    Common/Central Reference Point (Subsea Survey)
  • CRP
    Control Riser Platform
  • CRS
    Croatian Register Of Shipping
  • Csg
  • CSHN
    Cased Hole Neutron Log
  • CSMT
    Core Sampler Tester Log
  • CSO
    Complete Seal Off
  • CSPG
    Canadian Society Of Petroleum Geologists
  • CSS
    Code Of Ship Management Standards
  • CSUG
    Canadian Society For Unconventional Gas
  • CT
    Coiled Tubing
  • CT
    Corporation Tax
  • CTU
    Cargo Transport Unit
  • CTU
    Coiled Tubing Unit
  • CUP
    Conditional Use Permit
  • CWA
    Clean Water Act
  • CWI
    Certified Welding Inspector
  • CWOP
    Complete Well On Paper
  • CWOR
    Completion Work Over Riser
  • CZMA
    US Coastal Zone Management Act
  • CZMP
    Coastal Zone Management Program
  • D&C
    Drilling And Completions
  • DART
    Days Away, Restricted Work, Or Job Transfer
  • DAT
    Wellhead Housing Drill Ahead Tool
  • DC
    Direct Current
  • DC
    Drill Centre
  • DCP
    Driller'S Control Panel
  • DD
    Directional Driller Or Directional Drilling
  • DDET
    Depth Determination Log
  • DDM
    Derrick Drilling Machine (A.K.A. Top Drive)
  • DECC
    Department For Energy And Climate Change (Uk)
    Definitive Survey Report
  • DEN
    Density Log
  • DEPC
    Depth Control Log
  • DF
    Derrick Floor
  • DGP
    Differential Global Positioning System
  • DH
    Drilling History
  • DHPT
    Downhole Pressure Temperature
  • DHSV
    Downhole Safety Valve
  • DIS
    Draft International Standard
  • DL
    Development Licence
  • DLat
    Difference In Latitude
  • DLong
    Difference In Longitude
  • DLS
    Dogleg Severity
  • DNC
    Digital Nautical Chart
  • DNHO
    Downhole Logging
  • DNV
    Det Norske Veritas
  • DO
    Dissolved Oxygen
  • DO
    Division Order
  • DOA
    Delegation Of Authority
  • DOC
    Document Of Compliance
  • DOCD
    Development Operations Coordination Documents
  • DOE
    US Department Of Energy
  • DOI
    US Department Of Interior
  • DOL
    US Department Of Labor
  • DOO
    Designation Of Operator
  • DOT
    US Department Of Transportation
    Downhole Report
  • DP
    Drill Pipe
  • DP
    Dynamic Positioning
  • DPDV
    Dynamically Positioned Drilling Vessel
  • DPO
    Dynamic Positioning Operator
  • DPP
    Development And Production Plan
  • DPS
    Dynamic Positioning System
  • DR
    Drilling Report
    Drilling Chart
    Drilling Log
  • DRPG
    Drilling Program Report
  • DS
    Deviation Survey, (Also Directional System)
  • DS
  • DSC
    Dangerous Goods, Solid Cargoes And Containers
  • DST
    Drill Stem Test
  • DSV
    Diving Support Vessel
  • DTT
    Depth To Time
  • DW
    Deep Water
  • DWH
    Deepwater Horizon
  • DWOP
    Deepwater Operations Plan
  • DWOP
    Drilling Well On Paper
    US Deep Water Royalty Relief Act
  • DWT
    Deadweight Tons
  • E&A
    Exploration and Appraisal
  • E&P
    Exploration and Production
  • EA
    Environmental Assessment
  • EAGE
    European Association Of Geoscientists & Engineers
    Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, And Amortization
  • EC
    European Commission
  • ECC
    Emergency Control Centre
  • ECD
    Equivalent Circulating Density
    Electronic Chart Display And Information System
  • ECGD
    Exports Credits Guarantee Department
  • ECHA
    European Chemicals Agency
    Engineering Construction Industry Training Board
  • ECP
    External Casing Packer
  • ECS
    Electronic Chart System
  • EDP
    Exploration Drilling Program Report
  • EDR
    Exploration Drilling Report
  • EEHA
    Electrical Equipment In Hazardous Areas
  • EEP
    Emergency Evacuation Plan
  • EER
    Emergency Escape And Refuge (System)
  • EERA
    Escape, Evacuation, And Rescue Analysis
  • EEZ
    Exclusive Economic Zone
  • EFR
    Engineering Factual Report
    Ethylene Glycol Mono Butyl Ether
  • EHT
    Electric Heat Trace
  • EHV
    Extra High Voltage
  • EI
    Eugene Island Area Gulf Of Mexico Leasing Area
  • EIA
    Environmental Impact Assessment
  • EIA
    US Energy Information Administration
  • EIR
    Environmental Impact Report
  • EIS
    Environmental Impact Statement
  • EL
    Exploration Licence
  • ELT
    Economic Limit Test
  • EM
  • EMF
    Electro Magnetic Fields
  • EMG
    Equivalent Mud Gradient
  • EMI
    Electromagnetic Inspection
  • EMW
    Equivalent Mud Weight
  • EN
    European Standard
  • EN
    PI Enhanced Productivity Index Log
  • ENC
    Electronic Navigation Chart
  • ENG
    Engineering Log
  • EOFL
    End Of Field Life
  • EOR
    Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • EP
    Exploration Plan
  • EPA
    Environmental Protection Act
  • EPA
    US Environmental Protection Agency
  • EPCI
    Engineering, Procurement, Construction, And Installation
  • EPCU
    Electrical Power Conditioning Unit
  • EPFS
    Electronic Position Fixing System
    Exploration And Production Integrated Drilling Operations And Reservoir Information System
    Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon
  • ERA
    Environmental Risk Assessment
  • ERC
    Emergency Response And Control
  • ERD
    Extended Reach Drilling
  • ERNS
    Emergency Response Notification System
    Energy Returned On Energy Invested
  • ERP
    Emergency Response Plan
  • ERP
    Enterprise Resource Planning
  • ERT
    Emergency Response Team
  • ERT
    Emergency Response Training
  • ESA
    US Endangered Species Act
  • ESD
    Emergency Shut Down
  • ESP
    Electric Submersible Pump
  • ESP
    Expected Surface Pressure
  • ETTD
    Electromagnetic Thickness Test
  • ETU
    Electrical Test Unit
  • EU
    European Union
  • EUR
    Estimated Ultimate Recovery
    Evaluation Report
  • EVI
    Equipment Verification Inspection
  • EWR
    End Of Well Report
  • FAC
    Factual Report
    Formation Analysis Sheet Log
  • FAT
    Factory Acceptance Testing
  • FCO
    Financed, Constructed And Operated
  • FCO
    Foreign And Commonwealth Office
  • FDP
    Field Development Planning
  • FDS
    Functional Design Specification
  • FEED
    Front End Engineering And Design
  • FER
    Field Equipment Room
  • FERC
    US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
  • FG
    Fracture Gradient
    Final Geological Report
  • FH
    Full Hole Tool Joint
  • FI
    Final Inspection
  • FID
    Final Investment Decision
  • FIR
    Failure Investigation Reports
  • FIT
    Fluid Identification Test
  • FIT
    Formation Integrity Test
  • FLMT
    Flowline Manifold Termination
    Flow Profile Report
  • FLRA
    Field Level Risk Assessment
  • FLS
    Fluid Sample
  • FM
  • FMA
    Finnish Maritime Administration
  • FMEA
    Failure Modes And Effects Analysis
    Failure Modes, Effects, And Criticality Analysis
  • FMP
    Facility Measurement Point
  • FNOS
    Final Notice Of Sale
  • FO
    Fuel Oil
  • FOET
    Further Offshore Emergency Training
  • FOIP
    Freedom Of Information And Protection Of Privacy Act
    Findings Of No Significant Impact
  • FOSV
    Full Opening Safety Valve
  • FP
    Frac Pack
  • FPDM
    Fracture Potential And Domain Modelling/Mapping
  • FPF
    Floating Production Facility
    Field Plan Log
  • FPS
    Floating Production System
  • FPSO
    Floating Production Storage And Offloading System
  • FPU
    Floating Processing Unit
  • FR
    US Federal Register
  • FRA
    Fracture Log
    Fracture Report
  • FRSB
    Fast Response Spill Boat
  • FRU
    Fast Response Units
  • FS
    Fail Safe
  • FSA
    Formal Safety Assessment
  • FSB
    Flowline Support Base
  • FSO
    Floating Storage Offloading Vessel
  • FSRU
    Floating Storage And Regasification Unit
  • FT
    Flow Transmitter
  • FTA
    Fault Tree Analysis
  • FTC
    US Federal Trade Commission
  • FTM
    Fire Team Member
  • FTP
    Flowing Tubing Plug
  • FTP
    Flowing Tubing Pressure
  • FTRE
    Formation Testing Report
  • G&G
    Geology And Geophysics
  • G/C
    Gas Condensate
  • G/L
    Gas Analysis Report
  • GBS
    Gravity Based Structure
  • GBT
    Gravity Base Tank
  • GC
    Gas Chromatography
  • GC/MS
    Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry
  • GCAT
    Government Compliance Action Team
    Graphic Core Log
  • GDT
    Gas Down To
  • GE
    Condensate Gas Equivalent
    Geochemical Evaluation
    Geochemical Evaluation Report
    Geological & Formation Evaluation Report
  • GEOL
    Geological Surveillance Log
  • GEOP
    Geophone Data Log
    Geological Well Prognosis Report
    Geological Operations Progress Report
    Geological Report
  • GIIP
    Gas Initially In Place
  • GIS
    Geographic Information System
  • GL
    Gas Lift
  • GL
    Ground Level
  • GLM
    Gas Lift Mandrel
  • Glonass
    Global Navigation Satellite System
  • GLR
    Gas Liquid Ratio
  • GLV
    Gas Lift Valve
    Global Maritime Distress And Safety System
  • GOM
    Gulf Of Mexico
  • GOP
    Geological Operations Report
  • GOR
    Gas Oil Ratio
  • GOSP
    Gas Oil Separation Plant
  • GP
    Gravel Pack
  • GPS
    Global Positioning System
  • GS
    Gas Supplier
  • GS
    Gel Strength
  • GTL
    Gas To Liquids
  • GTW
    Gas To Wire
  • GUI
    Graphical User Interface
  • GWC
    Gas Water Contact
  • GWI
    Gross Working Interest
    Geo Well Report
  • H2S
    Hydrogen Sulfide
  • HA
    Hazard Analysis
  • HAP’s
    Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • HARP
    Hot Spots Analysis And Reporting Program
  • HARP
    Hydrocarbons Additional Recovery Program
  • HAZ
    Heat Affected Zone
    Hazard Communications
    Hazard Identification
    Hazardous Materials Response Division Of Noaa
    Hazard And Operability (Analysis)
    Hazardous Waste Operations And Emergency Response
  • HBL
    Hydrostatic Balanced Loading
  • HC
  • HCA
    High Consequence Areas
  • HAD
    Helideck Assistant
  • HES
    Health, Environment, And Safety
  • HFE
    Human Factors Engineering
  • HHI
    Hirschman Herfindahl Index
  • HHP
    Hydraulic Horsepower
    High Integrity Pressure Protection System
  • HKSR
    Hong Kong Shipping Register
  • HL
    Hook Load
  • HLID
    Hydrocarbon Leak And Ignition Database
  • HLO
    Heavy Load Out (Facility)
  • HLO
    Helicopter Landing Officer
  • Hmax
    Maximum Wave Height
  • HO
    Hydrographic Office
  • HP
    High Pressure
  • HP
    Hydrostatic Pressure
  • HP/IP
    High Pressure And/Or Intermediate Pressure
    High Pressure Gauge
  • HPHT
    High Pressure, High Temperature
  • HPU
    Hydraulic Power Unit
    High Performance Water Base Mud
  • Hs
    Significant Wave Height
  • HSC
    Health & Safety Commission
  • HSE
    Health, Safety And Environment
  • HSWA
    Health And Safety At Work Act
  • HT
    High Temperature
  • HTHP
    High Temperature, High Pressure
  • HTM
    Heideck Team Member
  • HUD
    Hold Up Depth
  • HUET
    Helicopter Underwater Escape Training
  • HVDC
    High Voltage Direct Current
  • HVI
    High Viscosity Index
  • HWDP
    Heavy Weight Drill Pipe
  • IACS
    International Association Of Classification Societies
  • IADC
    International Association Of Drilling Contractors
  • IAIN
    International Association Of Institutes Of Navigation
  • IALA
    International Association Of Lighthouse Authorities
  • IAPH
    International Association Of Ports And Harbors
    International Association For Sea Survival Training
  • IBC
    Intermediate Bulk Container
  • IBCS
    Integrated Bridge Control System
  • IBIA
    International Bunker Industry Association
  • IBOP
    Inside Blowout Preventer
  • IC
    Incident Commander
  • IC
    Information Collection
  • ICAB
    International Cargo Advisory Bureau
  • ICE
    Intercontinental Exchange
    International Cargo Handling Coordination Association
  • ICoTA
    Intervention And Coiled Tubing Association
  • ICP
    Intermediate Casing Point
  • ICS
    Incident Command System
  • ICS
    Institute Of Chartered Shipbrokers
  • ICS
    International Chamber Of Shipping
  • ICSU
    Integrated Commissioning And Start Up
  • ICV
    Integrated Cement Volume
  • ICV
    Interval Control Valve
  • IDC
    Intangible Drilling Costs
  • IDLH
    Immediately Dangerous To Life Or Health
  • IEA
    International Energy Agency
  • IEEE
    Institute Of Electrical And Electronics Engineers
  • IEL
    Induction Electrical Log
  • IEP
    Initial Exploration Plan
    IEP and Development Operations Coordination Documents
  • IFO
    Intermediate Fuel Oil
    International Federation Of Ship Masters' Associations
    International Forest Product Transport Association
  • IGO
    Inter Governmental Organization
  • IGS
    Inert Gas System
  • IGU
    International Gas Union
  • IHB
    International Hydrographic Bureau
  • IHMA
    International Harbor Masters' Association
  • IHO
    International Hydrographic Organization
  • IICL
    Institute Of International Container Lessors
  • IIMS
    International Institute Of Marine Surveyors
  • IIRT
    Initial Incident Response Team
  • IJC
    International Joint Commission
  • IJL
    Injection Log
  • IL
    Induction Log
  • ILO
    International Labor Organization
  • ILTA
    International Liquid Terminals Association
  • IMAG
    Image Analysis Report
  • IMarE
    Institute Of Marine Engineers
  • IMB
    International Maritime Bureau
  • IMCA
    International Marine Contractors Association
  • IMDG
    Code International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
  • IMF
    International Monetary Fund
  • IMLA
    International Maritime Lecturers Association
  • IMO
    International Maritime Organization
  • IMPA
    International Marine Purchasing Association
  • IMPA
    International Maritime Pilots' Association
  • IMT
    Intermediate Metal Conduit
  • INC
    Incident Of Non Compliance
    Incline Report
    Individual Well Record Report
    Interstate Natural Gas Association Of America
    International Association Of Independent Tanker Owners
  • IOC
    International Oil Company
  • IOLT
    Institute Of Logistics And Transport
  • IOPC
    International Oil Pollution Fund
  • IOSH
    Institute of Occupational Safety and Health
  • IP
    Intellectual Property
  • IPAA
    Independent Petroleum Association Of America
  • IPC
    Installed Production Capacity
  • IPE
    International Petroleum Exchange
  • IPPC
    Integrated Pollution Prevention And Control
  • IPR
    Inflow Performance Relationship
  • IRC
    Inspection Release Certificate
  • IRS
    Indian Register Of Shipping
  • ISDP
    Integrated Ship Design And Production
  • ISF
    International Shipping Federation
    International Safety Guide For Oil Tankers And Terminals
  • ISM
    IMO'S International Safety Management (Code)
  • ISMA
    International Ship Managers' Association
  • ISO
    International Standards Organization
  • ISSA
    International Ship Supplies Association
  • ITB
    Invitation to Bid
  • ITF
    International Transport Workers Federation
  • ITL
    Industry Leadership Team (Part Of Pilot)
    International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation
  • ITP
    Inspection And Test Plan
  • ITT
    Invitation To Tender
  • IUA
    International Underwriting Association
  • IWCF
    International Well Control Federation
  • IWCF
    International Well Control Forum
    Installation/Workover Control System
  • J&A
    Junked And Abandoned
  • JAS
    Joint Association Survey
  • JHA
    Job Hazard Analysis
  • JIP
    Joint Industry Project
  • JIT
    Just In Time
  • JITF
    Joint Industry Task Force
  • JNCC
    Joint Nature Conservation Committee
  • JOA
    Joint Operating Agreement
  • JRP
    Joint Review Panel
  • JSA
    Job Safety Analysis
  • JU
    Jack Up Drilling Rig
  • JV
    Joint Venture
  • JVP
    Joint Venture Partners/Participants
  • KOP
    Kick Off Plug
  • KOP
    Kick Off Point Directional Drilling
  • KPI
    Key Performance Indicator
  • Kpsi
    Thousand Pounds Per Square Inch
  • KR (or KRS)
    Korean Register Of Shipping
  • KRP
    Kill Rate Pressure
  • KVNR
    Dutch Register Of Shipping
  • LARS
    Launch & Recovery System
  • LBS
    Lifeboat Stations
  • LD
    Lay Down (Tubing, Rods, Etc.)
    Leak Detection Log
  • LEEA
    Lifting Equipment Engineers Association
  • LGR
    Liquid Gas Ratio
  • LIFT
    Licence Information For Trading
  • LKO
    Lowest Known Oil
  • LMAP
    Location Map
  • LMRP
    Lower Marine Riser Package
  • LMV
    Lower Master Valve
  • LNG
    Liquefied Natural Gas
  • LO
    Lubricating Oil
  • LOA
    Letter Of Authorisation/Agreement
  • LOC
    Letter Of Credit, Letter Of Compliance
  • LOE
    Lease Operating Expenses
    Logging Whilst Drilling
    Lincolnshire Offshore Gas Gathering System
    Leading Oil And Gas Industry Competitiveness
    Log Sample
  • LOL
    Limitation Of Owner'S Liability
  • LOLE
    Loss Of Load Expectation
    Lifting Operations And Lifting Equipment Regulations
  • LOPA
    Layers Of Protection Analysis
  • LOR
    Letter Of Readiness
  • LOS
    Law Of The Sea
  • LOT
    Leak Off Test
  • LOT
    Lock Open Tool
  • LOTO
    Lock Out Tag Out
  • LP
    Liquid Petroleum
  • LPG
    Liquefied Petroleum Gas
    Low Pressure Well Head Housing
  • LR
    Lloyd'S Register
  • LRDP
    Long Range Development Plan
  • LRP
    Lower Riser Package
  • LSA
    Life Saving Appliances
  • LSH
    Level Safety High (Sensor)
  • LSL
    Level Safety Low (Sensor)
    Long Spacing Sonic Log
  • LST
    Local Standard Time
  • LT
    Linear Time Or Lag Time
  • LTI
    Lost Time Incident
  • LUMI
    Luminescence Log
  • LVEL
    Linear Velocity Log
  • LVI
    Low Viscosity Index
  • LVOT
    Linear Valve Override Tool
  • LWD
    Logging While Drilling
  • LWOP
    Logging Well On Paper
  • M&R
    Measurement And Regulation
  • M/V
    Mobile Vessel
    Maximum Acceptable [Or Allowable] Annular Surface Pressure
  • MAOP
    Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure
  • Marisat
    Maritime Satellite System
    International Convention For The Prevention Of Pollution From Ships
    Maritime Security
  • MASP
    Maximum Allowable Surface Pressure
  • MASP
    Maximum Anticipated Surface Pressure
  • MASPcc
    Maximum Anticipated Surface Pressure For The Completion Case
    Maximum Allowable Wellhead Operating Pressure
  • MAWP
    Maximum Actual Working Pressure
  • MAWP
    Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
  • MAWP
    Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
  • Mbbls
    Thousand Barrels
  • Mbbls/d
    Thousand Barrels Per Day
  • Mbd
    Thousand Barrels (Of Oil) Per Day
  • Mbod
    Thousand Barrels Of Oil Per Day
  • Mboe
    Thousand Barrels Of Oil Equivalent
  • MCA
    Marine Coastguard Agency
  • MCC
    Master Control Centre
  • MCC
    Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
  • MCD
    Mechanical Completion Dossier
  • Mcf
    Thousand Cubic Feet (Of Gas)
  • MCFD
    Thousand Cubic Feet Per Day
  • Mcfe
    Thousand Cubic Feet Of Natural Gas Equivalent
    One Thousand Cubic Feet Of Gas Per Day
  • MCM
    Manifold Choke Module
  • MCS
    Master Control Station
  • MD
    Measured Depth
  • MDO
    Marine Diesel Oil
  • MDSS
    Measured Depth Sub Sea
  • MEPC
    Marine Environment Protection Committee
    Mechanical Properties Log
    Merchant Ship Search And Rescue Manual
  • Mgd
    Million Gallons Per Day
  • MGN
    Marine Guidance Note
  • MGO
    Marine Gas Oil
  • Mgy
    Million Gallons Per Year
  • MH
    Methane Hydrate (Methane Clathrate, Or Fire Ice)
  • MHA
    Major Hazards Analysis
  • MI
    Matagorda Island Area Gulf Of Mexico Leasing Area
  • MI
    Mechanical Integrity
  • MI
    Mineral Interest
  • MIRU
    Move In And Rig Up
  • MIST
    Minimum Industry Safety Training
  • MIYP
    Maximum Internal Yield Pressure
  • MLF
    Marine Loading Facility
  • MM
    Mitigation Measure
  • MMbbl(s
    ) Million Barrels
  • MMbd
    Million Barrels Per Day
  • MMbod
    Million Barrels Of Oil Per Day
  • MMboe
    Million Barrels Of Oil Equivalent
  • Mmboepd
    Millions Of Barrels Of Oil Equivalent Per Day
  • MMcf/d
    Million Cubic Feet Per Day
  • MMcfd
    Million Cubic Feet Day
  • MMcfe
    Million Cubic Feet (Of Natural Gas Equivalent)
    Mitigation Monitoring And Compliance Reporting Program
  • MMP
    Mitigation Monitoring Program
  • MMPA
    Marine Mammals Protection Act
  • MMPA
    US Marine Mammal Protection Act
  • MMS
    Minerals Management Service
  • MMscf
    Million Standard Cubic Feet
  • Mmscfd
    Million Standard Cubic Feet Per Day
  • Mmstb
    Million Stock Barrels
    Millions Of Metric Tonnes Per Annum
  • MNI
    Member Of The Nautical Institute
  • MNP
    Merge And Playback Log
  • MOC
    Management Of Change
  • MODU
    Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit
  • MOF
    Marine Offloading Facility
  • MOP
    Mobile Offshore Production
  • MOPU
    Mobile Offshore Production Unit
  • MOT
    Materials/Marine Offloading Terminal
    Marine Oil Terminal Engineering And Maintenance Standards
  • MOU
    Mobile Offshore Unit
  • MP
    Main Pass Area Gulf Of Mexico Leasing Area
  • MPD
    Managed Pressure Drilling
  • Mpd
    Thousand Barrels Per Day
  • MPFM
    Multiphase Flowmeter
  • MPP
    Multiphase Pump
  • MPQT
    Manufacturing Procedure Qualification Test
  • MPS
    Manufacturing Procedure Specification
  • MPV
    Multi Purpose Vessel
  • MQ
    Marqesas Gulf Of Mexico Leasing Area
  • MRCC
    Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre
  • MSA
    Master Service Agreement
  • MSC
    Marine Safety Committee
  • MSC
    Master Services Contract
  • Mscf
    Thousand Standard Cubic Feet
  • MSCT
    Msct Gamma Ray Log
  • MSDS
    Material Safety Data Sheets
  • MSRC
    Marine Spill Response Corporation
  • MTR
    Material Test Reports
    Maritime Transportation System Recovery Unit
  • MTTF
    Mean Time To Failure
  • MUD
    Mud Log
  • MUDT
    Mud Temperature Log
  • MuSol
    Mutual Solvent
  • MW
    Mud Weight
  • MWCC
    Marine Well Containment Co.
  • MWD
    Measurement While Drilling
  • MWS
    Marine Warranty Survey
  • N02
    Nitrogen Dioxide
  • N0X
    Nitrogen Oxides
    National Ambient Air Quality Standards
  • NACE
    National Association Of Corrosion Engineers
    North American Free Trade Agreement
  • NAPF
    Non Aqueous Phase Fluid
    Navigational Log
    Navigational And Meteorological Warning Broadcast Service
  • NB
    Nominal Bore
  • NCOB
    No Cargo On Board
  • NCP
    US National Oil And Hazardous Substance Pollution Contingency Plan
  • NCR
    Nonconformance Report
  • NDE
    Non Destructive Examination
  • NDT
    Nondestructive Testing
  • NEB
    National Energy Board
    National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
  • NEPA
    US National Environmental Policy Act
  • NFI
    No Further Investment
  • NG
    Natural Gas
  • NGDC
    National Geoscience Data Centre (United Kingdom)
  • NGH
    Natural Gas Hydrate (Methane Clathrate, Or Fire Ice)
  • NGL
    Natural Gas Liquids
  • NGO
    Non Governmental Organisation
  • NGPL
    Natural Gas Pipeline
  • NGR
    Natural Gamma Ray
  • NGRC
    National Geological Records Centre (United Kingdom)
  • NHC
    National Hyperbaric Centre
  • NHDA
    National Hydrocarbons Data Archive (United Kingdom)
  • NI
    The Nautical Institute
  • NIHQ
    Nautical Institute Headquarters, London
    National Institute For Occupational Safety
  • NITC
    Normal Incremental Transfer Capability
  • NM
    Nautical Mile
  • NMEA
    National Marine Electronics Association
  • NMFS
    National Marine Fisheries Services (Noaa Fisheries)
  • NMHC
    Non Methane Hydrocarbons
    Non Methane Volatile Organic Compounds
  • NNS
    Northern North Sea
  • NO
    Nitric Oxide
  • NOC
    National Oil Company
    Netherlands Oil And Gas Exploration And Production Association
  • NOI
    Notice Of Intent
  • NOIA
    National Ocean Industries Association
  • NOW
    Non Hazardous Oilfield Waste
  • NOX
    Nitrogen Oxides
  • NP
    Non Producing Well (As Opposed To P Producing Well)
  • NPD
    Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  • PREP
    National Preparedness For Response Exercise Program
  • NPT
    Nonproductive Time
  • NPV
    Net Present Value
  • NRC
    National Response Center
  • NRDA
    National Resource Damage Assessment
  • NRT
    National Response Team
  • NRV
    Non Return Valve
  • NSA
    Norwegian Shipowners' Association
  • NSDG
    North Sea Decommissioning Group
  • NTO
    National Training Organization
  • NTP
    National Toxicology Program
    National Union Of Marine, Aviation & Shipping Transport Officers
  • O&G
    Oil And Gas
  • O&M
    Operations And Maintenance
    Organization Of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries
  • OBM
    Oil Based Mud
  • OBO
    Ore/Bulk/Oil Carrier
  • OCA
    Offshore Contractors Association
    Oil Companies International Marine Forum
  • OCS
    Outer Continental Shelf
    Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act
  • OCTG
    Oil Country Tubular Goods
  • OECD
    Organization For Economic Co Operation And Development
  • OES
    Office Of Emergency Services
  • OFAR
    Offshore First Aid Regulations
  • OG
    Oil And Gas Directorate
    Oil & Gas Industry Task Force
  • OGML
    Oil, Gas And Mineral Lease
  • OGP
    International Association Of Oil & Gas Producers
  • OGUK
    Oil and Gas UK Industry Body
  • OHC
    Open Hole Completion
  • OHGP
    Openhole Gravel Pack
  • OIAC
    Oil Industry Advisory Committee
  • OIM
    Offshore Installation Manager
  • OIP
    Oil In Place
  • OLF
    Norwegian Oil Industry Association
  • ONRR
    Office Of Natural Resources Revenue
  • OOC
    Offshore Operators Committee
  • OOD
    Officer Of The Deck
  • OOE
    Offshore Operation Engineer
  • OOIP
    Original Oil In Place
  • OOT
    Out Of Tolerance
  • OP
    Operating Procedure
  • OPA
    US Oil Pollution Act Of 1990
  • OPEC
    Organisation Of Petroleum Exporting Countries
  • OPEX
    Operating Expenditure
    Offshore Petroleum Industry Training Organization
  • OPL
    Operations Log
  • OPPR
    Oil Pollution Preparedness And Response
  • OPR
    Office Of Planning And Research
  • OPRC
    International Convention On Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response And Co Operation
  • OPS
    Operations Report
  • OPS
    US Office Of Pipeline Safety
    Oriented Core Data Report
  • OSC
    On Scene Coordinator
  • OSCP
    Oil Spill Contingency Plan
  • OSFR
    Oil Spill Financial Responsibility
  • OSHA
    Occupational Safety And Health Administration
  • OSPR
    Oil Spill Prevention And Response
  • OSRA
    Oil Spill Risk Assessment
  • OSRP
    Oil Spill Response Plan
  • OSRV
    Oil Spill Response Vessel
  • OSV
    Offshore Support Vessel
  • OTC
    Offshore Technology Conference
  • OTIP
    Operational Testing Implementation Plan
  • OTL
    Operations Team Leader
  • OTO
    Oil Taxation Office (Of The Inland Revenue)
  • OVID
    Offshore Vessel Inspection Database
  • OVSP
    Offset Vertical Seismic Profiling
  • OWC
    Oil Water Contact
  • OWR
    Oil/Water Ratio
  • P&A
    Plug And Abandon
  • P&A
    Plugged And Abandoned (Of A Well)
  • P&ID
    Piping And Instrument Diagrams
  • PAC
    Pacific Ocs Region
    Pressure Assisted Drillpipe Running Tool
  • PAGA
    Public Address General Alarm
  • Panamax
    Ships Able To Transit, And Allowed Transit, Of The Panama Canal
  • PCKR
  • PCV
    Pressure Control Valve
  • PDC
    Perforation Depth Control
    Permanent Downhole Gauge
  • PDNP
    Proved Developed Not Producing
  • PDP
    Proved Developed Reserves
  • PDPM
    Power Distribution Protection Module
  • PE
    Professional Engineer
  • PEDL
    Petroleum Exploration & Development Licence
  • PEL
    Permissible Exposure Limit
    Perforation Depth Control
  • PERM
  • PESA
    Petroleum Equipment Suppliers Association
    Petroleum Exploration Society Of Great Britain
  • PETA
    Petrographical Analysis Report
  • PFD
    Position Fixing Device, Personal Floatation Device
  • PGOR
    Produced Gas Oil Ratio
  • PHA
    Process Hazards Analysis
  • Phi
    US Department Of Transportation Pipeline And Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
  • PI
    Pressure Indicator
  • PI
    Productivity Index
    Permanent International Association Of Navigation Congresses
  • PIC
    Person In Charge
    Ogitf Successor
  • PINC
    Potential Incident Of Non Compliance
  • PIP
    Pipe In Pipe
  • PIT
    Pressure Integrity Test
  • PL
    Production Licence
  • PLB
    Personal Locator Beacon
  • PLS
    Position Location System
  • PLT
    Production Logging Tool
  • PMS
    Planned Maintenance System
  • PMV
    Production Master Valve
  • POB
    Personnel On Board
  • POF
    Permanent Operations Facility
  • PON
    Petroleum Operations Notice
  • POOI
    Pacific Operators Offshore Incorporated
  • OSFR
    Post Fracture Report
  • POV
    Pressure Operated Valves
  • PRA
    Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • PRCI
    Pipeline Research Council International, Inc.
  • PREC
    Perforation Record
    Pressure Report
  • PROD
    Production Log
  • PRS
    Polish Register Of Shipping
  • PSAC
    Petroleum Services Association Of Canada
  • PSC
    Port State Control
  • PSC
    Production Sharing Contract
  • PSD
    Planned Shut Down
  • PSE
    Pressure Safety Element
  • PSV
    Pipe Supply Vessel
  • PSV
    Pressure Safety Valve
    Pressure Evaluation Log
  • PTA/S
    Pipeline Termination Assembly/Structure
  • PTO
    Permit To Operate
  • PTTC
    Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, United States
  • PTW
    Permit To Work
    Provision And Use Of Work Equipment Regulations
  • PV
    Plastic Viscosity
  • PV
    Pore Volume
  • PVC
    Pressure Control Valve
  • PVT
    Pressure Volume Temperature
  • QA
    Quality Assurance
  • QA/QC
    Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • QAE
    Quality Assurance Engineer
  • QC
    Quality Control
  • QCR
    Quality Control Report
  • QF
    Qualifying Facility
  • QHSE
    Quality, Health, Safety, And Environmental
  • QI
    Qualified Individual
  • QRA
    Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • RACI
    Responsible / Accountable / Consulted / Informed
  • RAM
    Reliability, Availability, And Maintainability
  • RCA
    Root Cause Analysis
  • RCC
    Rescue Coordination Centre
  • RCM
    Reliability Centred Maintenance
  • RCRA
    US Resource Conservation And Recovery Act
  • RCU
    Remote Control Unit
  • RDF
    Radio Direction Finder
  • RE
    Reservoir Engineer
    Registration, Evaluation, Authorization, And Restriction Of Chemicals
  • REL
    Recommended Exposure Limit
    Reservoir Analysis
    Reservoir Evaluation
    Reservoir Fluid
  • RESO
    I Residual Oil
  • REZ
    Renewable Energy Zone (United Kingdom)
  • RF
    Radio Frequency
  • RFI
    Request For Interest
  • RFI
    Requests For Inspection
  • RFID
    Radio Frequency Identification
    Ready For Liquefied Natural Gas
  • RFSU
    Ready For Start Up
  • RFP
    Request For Proposal
  • RI
    Royalty Interest
    Rig Move
  • RIH
    Run In Hole
  • RINA
    Royal Institution Of Naval Architects
  • RIR
    Recordable Incident Rate
  • RMP
    Reservoir Management Plan
  • RN
    Release Notes
  • RNC
    Raster Navigational Chart
  • RNR
    Romanian Maritime Register Of Shipping
  • ROA
    Return Of Assets
  • ROB
    Remain On Board (Cargo, Bunkers)
  • ROE
    Return Of Equity
  • ROFR
    Right Of First Refusal
  • ROI
    Return On Investment
  • ROP
    Rate Of Penetration; Rate Of Perforation
  • ROT
    Remote Operated Tool
  • ROV
    Remotely Operated Vehicle
    Remotely Operated Vehicle/Workclass ROV
  • ROZ
    Recoverable Oil Zone
  • RP
    Recommended Practice
  • RPD
    Revised Application For Permit To Drill
  • RPM
    Revised Application For Permit To Modify
  • RRT
    Regional Response Team
  • RS
    Russian Maritime Register Of Shipping
  • RSS
    Rig Site Survey
  • RSTC
    Rig Safety Training Coordinator
  • RT
    Real Time
  • RT
    Regular Time
  • RTCM
    Radio Technical Commission For Maritime Services
  • SABA
    Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus
  • SAC
    Special Area Of Conservation
  • SAFE
    Safety Analysis Function Evaluation (Charts)
  • SAFE
    Safety Award For Excellence
  • SAR
    Search And Rescue
  • SAS
    Safety At Sea
  • SAT
    Site Acceptance Test
  • SBF
    Synthetic Base Fluid
  • SC
    Seismic Calibration
    Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (System)
  • SCBA
    Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
  • SCE
    Safety Critical Equipment
  • Scf
    Standard Cubic Feet (Of Natural Gas)
  • SCM
    Subsea Control Module
  • SCO
    Synthetic Crude Oil
    Special Compensation P&I Clause
    Supreme Court Of The United States
  • SCP
    Sustained Casing Pressure
  • SCR
    Spot Check Report
    Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve
    Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
  • SD
    Dynamic Positioning Semisubmersible
  • SD
    Sonic Density
  • SDFD
    Shut Down For Day
  • SDFN
    Shut Down For Night
  • SDM/U
    Subsea Distribution Module/Unit
  • SDV
    Shutdown Valve
  • SEA
    Site Specific Environmental Assessment
  • SEA
    Strategic Environmental Assessment (United Kingdom)
  • SEAL
    Shearwater Elgin Area Line
  • SEC
    US Securities And Exchange Commission
  • SEG
    Society Of Exploration Geophysicists
  • SEIR
    Supplemental Environmental Impact Report
  • SEIS
    Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement
  • SEMI
  • SEMP
    Safety And Environmental Management Plan
  • SEMS
    Safety And Environmental Management System Policy
    Society Of International Gas Tanker And Terminal Operators
  • SIP
    Shut In Pressure
    Society Of Independent Professional Earth Scientists, United States
  • SIRE
    Ship'S Inspection Report
  • SIS
    Safety Instrumented Systems
  • SIT
    System Integration Test Fr Sit Field Representation Sit
  • Sjofartsverket
    Swedish Register Of Shipping, Swedish Maritime Administration
  • SMC
    Safety Management Certificate
  • SME
    Small And Medium Sized Enterprises
  • SMS
    Safety Management Systems
  • SNG
    Synthetic Natural Gas
  • SNIP
    Scotland Northern Ireland Pipeline
  • SNS
    Southern North Sea
  • SO
    Oil Saturation
  • SO2
    Sulfur Dioxide
  • SO3
    Oxides Of Sulfur
  • SOBM
    Synthetic Oil Based Mud
    International Convention For Safety Of Life At Sea
  • SOO
    Suspension Of Operation
  • SOP
    Standard Operating Procedure
  • SOP
    Suspension Of Production
    Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan
    Secretary Of State'S Representative For Marine Salvage And Intervention
  • SOW
    Statements Of Work
  • SPA
    Special Protection Area
  • SPAR
    Floating Production System
  • SPBM
    Single Point Buoy Mooring System
  • SPCP
    Spill Prevention And Cleanup Plan
  • SPE
    Society Of Petroleum Engineers
  • SPM
    Single Point Mooring
  • SPMT
    Self Propelled Modular Transporter
  • SPP
    Stand Pipe Pressure
  • SPR
    US Strategic Petroleum Reserve
    Seismic Profile
  • SPS
    Submerged Production System
  • SPS
    Subsea Production Systems
    Society Of Petrophysicists And Well Log Analysts
  • SS
  • SS
  • SSCS
    Subsea Control System
    Subsurface Controlled Safety Valve
  • SSCV
    Subsea Control Valves
  • SSIV
    Subsea Isolation Valve
  • SSM
    Subsea Manifolds
  • SSO
    Ship Security Officer
    System Safety And Reliability Review Committee
  • SSSV
    Sub Surface Safety Valve
    Subsea Templates
  • SSU
    Subsea Umbilicals
  • SSV
    Surface Safety Valve
  • SSWI
    Subsea Well Intervention
  • STP
    Standard Temperature And Pressure
  • SUBC
    Self Unloading Bulk Carrier
  • SWE
    Senior Well Engineer
  • SWL
    Safe Working Load
  • SWOT
    Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities And Threats
  • SWP
    Safe Work Practices
  • TA
    Temporarily Abandoned Well
  • TAC
    Toxic Air Contaminants
  • TAC
    Tubing Anchor
  • TB
    Tie Back
    Tropical Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency Training
  • TCR
    Transition Cost Recovery
  • TCU
    Thermal Combustion Unit
  • TD
    Target Depth
  • TEMP
    Temperature Log
    Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft
  • TGOR
    Total Gas Oil Ratio
  • TH
    Tubing Hanger
  • TIE
    Tie In Log
    Tieback Report
  • TPI
    Third Party Inspector
  • TPI
    Tones Per Inch Immersion
  • TPIC
    Terminal Person In Charge
  • TQ
    Training Qualifications
  • TQM
    Total Quality Management
    Treatment Report
  • TREP
    Test Report
  • TRIR
    Total Recordable Incident Rate
    Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub Surface Safety Valve
    Tubing Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub Surface Valve
  • TRSV
    Tubing Retrievable Safety Valve
  • UCSU
    Upstream Commissioning And Start Up
  • UFC
    Uniform Fire Code
  • UKCS
    Continental Shelf
  • UKCS
    United Kingdom Continental Shelf
    Uk Outer Continental Shelf
    United Kingdom Offshore Operators Association
    United Kingdom Onshore Operators Group
    United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association Limited
  • ULBC
    Ultra Large Bulk Carrier
  • ULCC
    Ultra Large Crude Carrier
    United Nations Convention On The Law Of The Sea
  • USC
    United States Code
  • USCG
    United States Coast Guard
    US Environmental Protection Agency
  • USGS
    United States Geological Survey
  • USV
    Underwater Safety Valve
  • UT
    Ultrasonic Testing
    Verticality Analysis
  • VLBC
    Very Large Bulk Carrier
  • VLCC
    Very Large Crude Carrier
  • VLP
    Vertical Lift Performance
  • VO
    Variation Order
  • VOO
    Vessels Of Opportunity
  • VOR
    Variation Order Request
  • VOSS
    Vessels Of Opportunity Skimming Systems
  • VRP
    Vessel Response Plan
  • VTIS
    Vessel Traffic Information System
  • VTMS
    Vessel Traffic Management Services
  • VTS
    Vessel Traffic Service/System
  • VTSS
    Vessel Traffic Separation Scheme
  • VXT
    Vertical Christmas Tree
  • W/O
    Well Abandonment Report
    Weighted Average Cost Of Gas
  • WAR
    Well Activity Report
    Water Analysis
  • WBM
    Water Based Drilling Mud
  • WBM
    Water Based Mud
  • WBS
    Wellbore Schematic
  • WBS
    Wellbore Seismic
  • WBS
    Wellbore Stability
  • WBS
    Work Breakdown Structure
  • WCST
    Well Containment Screening Tool
  • WD
    Water Depth
  • WDP
    Waste Discharge Permit
  • WDR’s
    Waste Discharge Requirements
  • WE
    Well Engineer
  • WEG
    Wireline Entry Guide
  • WHFP
    Wellhead Flowing Pressure
    Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems
  • WHO
    World Health Organisation
  • WHP
    Wellhead Pressure
  • WHRU
    Waste Heat Recovery Unit
  • WI
    Water Injection
  • WL
  • WMO
    World Meteorological Organization
  • WO
    Well In Work Over
  • WOE
    Well Operations Engineer (A Key Person Of Well Services)
  • WOS
    West Of Shetland, Oil Province On The Ukcs
  • WOW
    Wait(Ing) On Weather
  • WP
    Well Proposal Or Working Pressure
  • WP
    Well Protector
  • WPC
    Water Pollution Control
  • WPI
    Wholesale Price Index
  • WQC
    Water Quality Certificate
  • WQCA
    Water Quality Control Act
    Wireline Retrievable Surface Controlled Sub Surface Valve
  • WSCA
    Well Services Contractors Association
  • WSS
    Well Services Supervisor
  • X Over
  • XC
    Cross Connection, Cross Correlation
  • XL
    Exploration Licence (United Kingdom)
  • XO
    Cross Over
  • XOM
    Exxon Mobil
  • XOV
    Cross Over Valve
  • YTD
    Year To Date
  • ZD
    Zone Description
  • ZOI
    Zone Of Influence