Our Aberdeen Team

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Our Clinical Team

Medical Director

Dr Finlay Dick

Dr Finlay Dick is an occupational physician with over 25 years’ experience. He has worked across a range of industry sectors including healthcare, academia, the emergency services…

Senior Medical Advisor (MFOM)

Dr Graham Furnace

Dr Graham Furnace joined IMM in May 2017 as our Senior Occupational Health Physician. Graham has been providing Occupational Health support to the Energy Industry since 1997.

Clinic/Travel Health Nurse

Moira McKay

Moira has over 18 years experience working within the energy industry in an occupational health environment. Moira as part of the IMM nursing team will support all elements…

Senior Nurse Manager

John McKenzie

John is a dedicated, professional and conscientious nurse of considerable experience, John has extensive qualifications which support his role within IMM.

Occupational Health Physician (MBChB, DOccMed)

Dr Carmen De Andres

Dr Carmen De Andres graduated with a degree of MBChB in 1996 from the Complutense University of Madrid. Later, in 2001, she completed her MSc in Emergency medicine.

Occupational Health Physician (DOccMed)

Dr Olgha Asatiani

Dr Olgha Asatiani is dedicated and passionate medical professional with over 18 years of experience in the energy industry. She first worked as an emergency care physician…

Occupational Health Nurse

Helena Leighton

Helena is a very experience Occupational Health Nurse, she has been an occupational health advisor for 20 years. Helena works closely with our clients to establish bespoke…

our team

Our Support Team

Business Development Manager

Patricia Douglas

Patricia has over 30 years’ experience in business development gained in senior posts in London, Paris, Switzerland and since 1996, Aberdeen. She has extensive experience in the medical support services sector having worked in the occupational health and remote medical arena for the last 9 years.

Administration Manager

Alistair Melvin

Alistair is responsible for the administration team within IMM and has six years’ experience working in Occupational Health. He is responsible for the management of our support function and is the focal point for our clients for bookings, escalations and general queries.