Offshore Medic Resourcing Crisis

Offshore Medic Resourcing Crisis

As an industry the oil and gas sector are seeing a real shortage of offshore medics. They are one of the primary lifelines of our industry and are sadly often over looked as a critical resource.

Due to the downturn over the last few years a large percentage of our medics have understandably reverted back to their roots in the NHS or sought alternative employment that could provide both a reasonable wage and a quality of life to allow them to support their families.

At International Medical Management we believe that the industry has lost in the region of 30% of the experience from this critical resource. The reduction of day rates within oil and gas coupled with the staff shortage within the NHS is a primary factor to this loss of experienced remote medical practitioners. They are very attractive to both the NHS and bank agencies by providing adhoc support to the NHS and private sector. The two articles from the NMC and RCN highlight these issues:

New NMC figures continue to highlight major concern as more EU nurses leave the UK (April 2018)

The RCN has welcomed news of a pay rise for staff in England on Agenda for Change contract terms outside the NHS. (July 2018)

As times are starting to change again and we are seeing resource requirements rise within the oil and gas sector and with additional demand from the renewables sector, these critical resources are become ever scarcer. As an industry we need to recognise that our medics need the recognition and support they deserve plus an appropriate package to ensure that we retain the skills and experience that we have been rapidly losing.

IMM are actively canvasing our clients and the industry in general to realise that our critical care support network is under severe threat and that we need to provide professional medics, professional topside cover and professional onshore support instead of three ticks in three boxes.

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