Travel health risk assessments should be conducted prior to travel overseas as many parts of the world have unique health problems and requirements. If you have employees on overseas assignments we are here to help you.

Remote consultations with your employees is a standard part of our daily routine. One of our experienced travel health nursing team will advise if there is a requirement for vaccinations, antimalarials or any other travel health related precautions. If your employee requires vaccinations we have standard, risk assessed measures, in place which allow us to provide this service in our clinic. We take the utmost care in protecting both your employees and our team.

We are happy to provide all business travellers, including those who have not been to our clinic before, with the official travel health guidance for their planned destination. Our MASTA trained travel health team will carry out any vaccinations required. If you have an employee who is one of our regulars and has received antimalarials in our clinic we can, after a telephone review, provide an additional supply.

Please contact for further information.