The IMM COHORT system is at the heart of what we offer as an organisation. The web-based system allows our teams to work remotely from any client location with no need to be tied to one specific place. Provided you have internet access you can access Cohort anywhere.

This capability allows our staff and client clinical staff the ability to access their company medical records within the system from remote locations with minimal bandwidth requirements. This allows offshore medics, remote nurses and clinicians access to employee medical records from any remote or offshore location providing a truly comprehensive medical record.

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The IMM Cohort system is externally hosted by MEDGATE who every year undergo information security audits to ensure that they comply with the principles of ISO 27001 best practices, policies and procedures for security, privacy, continuity and compliance.

The system hosts have implemented appropriate technical and organisational measures, internal controls, and information security routines intended to protect customer data against accidental loss, destruction, or alteration, unauthorised disclosure or access; or unlawful destruction.

The COHORT system is subject to Tier 4 security which is considered to be the most stringent level of security for external hosting requirements. ISO 27001 provides a comprehensive risk-based approach to secure information and compliance with data governance and guidelines for clinical and sensitive data. Any and all information at rest within the Cohort Hosted Solution will, under normal circumstances, not be visible and is encrypted to AES-128 using ‘Self Encrypting Drives’ (SED’s). All access is under restricted physical and logical security and the data is classified as sensitive information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The Cohort Hosted Solution is delivered using Citrix technologies to provide a secure and seamless experience to the end-user. The solution is accessed over a secure HTTPS connection (using known secure ciphers SSL 3.0/TLS 1.0) using a standard internet browser. Access can be made directly over N3 for our customers or via the internet through a publicly accessible URL. The solution does require the presence of a compatible Citrix client or plugin to be installed on the user’s PC.

Access over the internet can be further secured by the use of Swivel’s PINsafe technology which provides strong or 2 factor authentication. MEDGATE UK Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number Z9534842.

As part of the support to our COHORT solution, MEDGATE UK Limited offer full N3 connectivity for our Cohort Hosted Solution. They have a fully resilient N3 circuit into their datacentre providing convenient and secure access for all our customers via the N3 cloud.

All servers and data are backed up to tape on a daily basis as part of the Cohort Hosted Solution Disaster Recovery (DR) policy. Tape backups utilise AES-256 encryption and are stored securely offsite in a purpose built storage facility. This facility has been constructed using fire retardant materials and it is environmentally controlled and kept at a constant temperature to ensure no damage to the media (due to abnormal storage conditions) is obtained. This is supported by optical fire protection together with a Stat-X Fire Suppression System (as designed by NASA).

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