Appointments Plus

Accessing Appointments Portal

The IMM appointments portal services are available to all clients who have been given an unique username and password. The portal is accessed using a WEB browser such as Internet Explorer. The portal is very flexible and has the capacity to be accessed remotely as long as you have access to the internet, it also works on IOS and Android devices.

User Names, Passwords and WEB Addresses

IMM will allocate you a unique user name and password, this can be set to different levels of hierarchy depending on who is using the system.

Online Dashboard

Your dashboard shows who is booked in, the time and date, the medical they are booked for, the location, when the appointment was booked, by whom and its status.

Making a New Appointment

The system will guide you through a number of screens, firstly you will select the location, date and time you require the appointment.


This will then take you to the patient registration, which will allow you to select your employee from your preloaded HR information, if applicable, who will be attending this appointment.

Patient Selection

Finally you select the appointment reason from our comprehensive selection and submit the appointment request through the portal.

Final Dashboard

This action will return you to your dashboard, where the appointment request has been submitted to the IMM Administration Team for confirmation.

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